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Expert art teacher shares his journey

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Artist and art teacher Tony Clarke is staging a public talk on his work and career in Howick. He’s holding his painting entitled ‘Yellow’, an example of his abstract work. Times photo Josie Lu
  • By Josie Lu, Journalism Student Intern

Well-known east Auckland artist and teacher Tony Clarke is set to reflect on his creative journey in a public talk about his career.

The Pakuranga-based artist, who has more than 40 years’ experience, has taught art to hundreds of students from across the local community and beyond.

He says his talk in Howick on February 4 is a chance for him and his students to reminisce on their shared experiences and to give aspiring artists the information that Clarke himself once sought.

“When I was younger I used to go and listen to artist demonstrations with the Howick Art Group.

“As a 14- or 15-year-old, those talks were really inspiring for me, to hear that you could actually have a career in art.”

Clarke’s talk will cover topics such as his early formative years, his art influences and his journey to the present day.

Over the years he’s taught classes at Uxbridge Arts and Culture in Howick, opened his own teaching studio TC Fine Art and taken trips to the United States where he established a gallery.

His upcoming public talk will also focus on art retreats Clarke has taken with his students across New Zealand and showcase the paintings he’s currently working on.

He says his students range in age from their early 20s to their 80s.

Many of them have always been interested in doing art but didn’t do it as a career, instead choosing to take classes once they got older, he says.

“It’s a good community … you can get quite isolated once you retire and get older,” Clarke says.

“It’s about the influence they have from meeting people.”

His public talk will be held at Uxbridge Arts and Culture, 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick, at 2pm on Saturday, February 4. Admission $10.

To book, text Clarke on 021 0232 6895 or email

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