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Exciting changes ‘In the Stars’ for Classy Crafts indoor market

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Cathy and Mel Hawley.

The Matariki star cluster appears in the east in the month of Pipiri (first lunar month of the Māori year) before the sun rises, marking the start of the Māori New Year.

This is the coldest time of the year and Pipiri means ‘to draw close’, due to the cool temperature.

So why not visit Classy Crafts Indoor Market where a warm and welcoming atmosphere awaits, and meet the ‘stars’, the creative crafters.

Classy Crafts Indoor market has seen a steady increase of regular visitors and shoppers to the cosy venue of Picton Centre, on the main street of Howick.

Attracted by an expanding range of handcrafts and friendly knowledgeable stall holders, the market is abuzz with creativity on the last Saturday of each month from 9am until 12.30pm.

Under the lively leadership of Cathy and Mel Hawley, Classy Crafts has embraced the digital world and is gradually developing the existing website to feature talented crafters. This week we learn of the return of Katherine to the market.

She is doing so well after her recent transplant and is still getting super creative with her ‘kooky’ jewellery and accessories. Her very realistic goodies, sweets and plants alike, are so popular! And new stall holder and familiar Howickian busker, RJ, will be there this month.

He creates quality apparel and clothing in his own quirky and punky art style. So cool!

So why not extend Matariki and follow the balloons and bunting to Classy Crafts where you can support local and buy local, and have a happy Māori New Year.

For enquiries, contact Cathy Hawley at 021 254 3174.

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