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Cruise Control at HLT

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Rehearsals are well underway for Howick Little Theatre’s first production of the year, Cruise Control. Photo supplied

Fancy an ocean cruise?

Then climb aboard for Howick Little Theatre’s first production of the year, Cruise Control.

Written by David Williamson and directed by Nathan Hey, Cruise Control follows three bickering couples as they board a cruise ship travelling from London to New York for seven days of marital healing.

They board with the hope of escaping their reality, but instead find themselves trapped in the hellish world of designated dinner seating and B-grade cabaret.

Hey says the play has moments of both drama and comedy, helped along by an amazing cast including some new blood to the theatre.

“There’s so many elements in there — it’s drama, madness and lots of humour with great actors.”

He speaks of the unusual set design, which poses a challenge for both acting and directing.
“It’s a challenging and exciting set, one that we don’t really use all that often at Howick Little Theatre with a 270 degree sightline.

“It’s been an awesome experience.”

Hey has directed twice at Howick Little Theatre before, as well as short film, and says audiences can expect a “very highly executed play”.

“I pride myself on having a slick and well-rehearsed show.

“They [audiences] can expect to be entertained [and] to have a laugh.

“It’s a great cast with a passion for acting [who] have been working very, very hard,” he says.

“I wouldn’t have chosen it to direct if I didn’t believe it was really good.”

  • Cruise Control is on at Howick Little Theatre from February 24 – March 17.

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