Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Here come the Christmas cookies

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Sarah Accorsi is selling cookie buckets this summer to help raise money for the Cookie Time Charitable Trust and the Blind Foundation of New Zealand.

The Cookie Time Christmas cookie sellers hit the streets this week and Eastern Beach resident Sarah Accorsi is with them, cookie buckets in tow.

The first time cookie seller says she is thrilled to be getting out in the community for a good cause.

“The best part is bringing a little bit of Christmas magic to people and organisations,” she says.

Accorsi will spend the next seven weeks visiting businesses and locals in the east Tamaki area to raise money for charity through cookie sales.

Accorsi says she is most excited to raise awareness for Cookie Time’s hero charity, The Blind Foundation of New Zealand.

“I didn’t know much about the Blind Foundation to start with,” Sarah says.

“They aren’t a big charity, and not many people know how to support them so it’s great to be able to bring a little bit of awareness to the foundation.”

This year $200,000 of the money raised will go towards charities supported by the Cookie Time Charitable Trust and a further $50,000 will go the Blind Foundation of New Zealand.

Accorsi says not only is she excited to learn valuable skills on how to run her own business, she is thrilled to be part of raising funds for those who need it.

“There are people out there facing challenges we may not even realise or know anything about and if we have the ability to help out, big or small, we should,” she says.

“There are so many aspects of the Christmas cookies campaign that motivate us all to hit the streets and sell as many buckets as we can.”

  • Call 0800XCOOKIE or go to visitme.cookietime.co.nz/request-visit to organise for a cookie seller to pop round to your home or work place.

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