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Anyone can sing!

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Everybody Sings Howick choir has relocated to St Columba Presbyterian Church in Botany Downs. Photo supplied.
Members rehearsing at the Everybody Sings Howick and Botany Downs choir.

This community choir organisation has one core value in their philosophy – that singing is for everyone.

And it’s right there in the name: Everybody Sings.

Everybody Sings Howick choir has relocated to St Columba Presbyterian Church in Botany Downs.

Every Wednesday they practice from 7.15 pm to 9.15 pm during school term.

Esther Wu is in her final year of Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Auckland, has been teaching chello and piano since 2016, and appeared as a guest conductor for the Devonport Chamber Orchestra.

Near the end of 2020, she was contacted by the director to observe the rehearsals.

She was instantly drawn to the concept.

“It’s positive and inclusive,” Esther says. “Everybody was participating. It’s great.”

Now she’s the choir’s music leader.

There is an incredibly diverse group of people from all different backgrounds and experiences.

Some members have been in choirs before in New Zealand or further afield and many are new to choral singing.

“The members come from all walks of life,” she says.

“We’re all like-minded individuals working towards our goals.”

The choir is open to anyone over 16.

Prospective members do not have to know how to read music or have any experience in singing.

“It’s for anyone who wants to come sing,” Esther says.

“We support everyone and have a lot of ways to help.”

The choir, its welcoming community and joyful nature, teach and build confidence in the members in their abilities.

Recently Otago University Psychology department has released research highlighting the benefits of singing for both physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Singing was found to lower rates of depression and anxiety, increase lung function, and higher measures of vitality indicators.

Esther says she’s noticed many benefits in singing. “It’s a great stress relief,” she says.

Additionally the choir participates in Christmas carolling and raising money for charities.

“Anyone can join,” Esther says. “Anyone is welcome!”

As their name says: everybody can sing!

For more information about membership and how to join contact Mel at 021 677778 or MEL@THECHOIR.CO.NZ

Or visit their website at https://www.thechoir.co.nz/

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