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All aboard the travellin’ comedy

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ENTERTAINING: Captain Festus McBoyle and his Travellin’ Variety Show can’t wait to entertain at Uxbridge this February 25. Photo supplied Tatiana Harper.

They’ve sailed the seven seas, and now Captain Festus McBoyle and his Travellin’ Variety Show are coming to entertain you on February 25 at Uxbridge Arts and Culture Centre.

This interactive Vaudeville musical comedy show is guaranteed to entertain all ages and nationalities, featuring humorous songs, tales of the sea, bizarre-looking characters and firing cannon to boot.

Captain Festus McBoyle is joined by his lovely wife Miss Lucy Drawers, a large rat called Mr Cheese and Ebenezer Strong, the ultimate strong man.

They will also be joined by two grumpy ticket ladies and an artillery man who goes by the name of Pirate Rupert.

“There’s something in there for everyone,” said director Richard Manic, who plays Captain Festus McBoyle on stage.

There’s no set genre for the music, said Mr Manic, but the show is regularly compared to the likes of Spike Milligan, Benny Hill and Monty Python.

“There’s lots of stuff the adults will get and for kids it will be over their heads like the high seas, so it’s entertaining for everyone.

“It’s about embracing and celebrating cultural differences. It transcends age and culture…we want to encourage people to laugh at themselves and others, but all in a nice way, of course.”

He’s been involved in the show for the past seven years, performing all over New Zealand.

This includes performances at Womad and Splore festivals, town hall shows with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, corporate team building events and lots of educational shows at schools and kindergartens.

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