Act your age

The cast practicing for their opening night during rehearsal. Photo by Greg Rudman.

Children’s Musical Theatre Studio is presenting a comedic and charismatic musical farce starring seasoned and inexperienced actors at the Libretto Theatre on Vincent Street.

Act Your Age is described as a “rare combination of wonderful new music, belly ache humour and farce”. It opens on Saturday July 17 at 2pm and will have repeated afternoon and evening viewings until Sunday July 25.

The director, Susanne Dell, says that the music was created specifically for the show.

“It’s primarily aimed at adults,” she says. “It’s the first musical we’ve done aiming for a more mature audience.”

Despite that, the musical can be enjoyed by all ages.

Viktoria Jowers-Wilding is a seasoned actor who will be playing Valerie Granger. Her first performance was at the Harlequin Theatre in 2015. “She’s an entrepreneur,” Viktoria says, speaking of her character. “She has crazy schemes that she can never quite work out.”

Wilbyn Mitchell is an inexperienced actor who will be playing multiple roles, but primarily the photographer. “He’s very flamboyant,” Wilbyn says, “and very out there.”

Both of them have found separate challenges on the production of the show. “It’s been very difficult judging the timing,” Viktoria says. “It’s a farce so it’s very in, out, in, out.”

Wilbyn has struggled with speaking in front of an audience in the past. “The musical has taught me how to overcome my stage fright somewhat,” Wilbyn says. “It’s been great.”

They have both found that they’ve been shifted out of their comfort zones. Susanne told the Times the cast and backstage staff have been doing a great job, and that it’s been a “difficult show to master”.

Those who attend will be offered a platter with a six-person table setting. “It’s great for a night out and to support local theatre with friends or family,” Susanne says.

Tickets are available at