Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Accomplished street artist brightens up bike mural

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Local artist Elliot Francis Stewart was commissioned to create a mural on the Lloyd Elsmore Park bike hub. Photo supplied

An east Auckland bike hub has received a splash of colour through the creation of a new mural celebrating the local community.

The city’s bike hubs are found in various locations and are operated and facilitated by passionate volunteers, says the Te Tuhi art gallery in Pakuranga.

“Bike hubs are all about providing a safe, inviting and accessible space for local communities to learn about all things bikes.

“These spaces have reliable and consistent hours and work alongside community in developing their skills and knowledge so they can freely enjoy the benefits of cycling without barriers.”

The hubs provide free basic bike maintenance, free access to tools, restored and safety-checked second-hand bikes for sale, used bike parts and accessories, safe cycling advice and guidance and events and activities with other organisations.

Te Tuhi says the bike hub in Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga has been improved by being adorned with a mural featuring a colourful local twist by talented artist Elliot Francis Stewart.

His vibrant artwork captures east Auckland and features local landmarks and symbols celebrating the local community’s spirit.

Elliot, who attended local schools, grew up immersed in the world of comic books and illustration.

He became part of the street art group TMD (The Most Dedicated) in 2001 and “quickly established himself as the foremost talent in character-based work in aerosol”.

He’s exhibited artworks in Auckland CBD, allowing him to “showcase elaborate and influential illustrative works often created on found objects in common house paint and ballpoint pen”.

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