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Published: May 16, 2024 (2 days ago)

Pakuranga Golf Club

Proudly part of the community since 1969.

Prior to 1969 the land, which our golf course occupies, was farmed. In 1969 three entrepreneurs established the Cascades Golf Company and negotiated a five-year lease with the farm owner. The lease included the option to purchase the land. Cascades Golf Company intended to develop a Country Club similar to those popular in America. Membership was available through an entry fee of $25. A round of golf cost members 60 cents. The course was developed with most holes lying in a north / south direction, rather than the east / west layout of today. However, after 12 months experience, Cascades discovered “user pays” does not always pay. A general meeting of members was called, a committee elected, the property was sub – leased by members from Cascades and the Pakuranga Country Club was established. During May 1974 Cascades exercised its option to purchase the property and sold it to Pakuranga Country Club for a fair market value at the time.




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