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Lone Star

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by Lone Star
Published: May 20, 2024 (4 weeks ago)


Our culture of excellence in everything we do is our brand. Our guiding phrase of “Love, Care and Generosity“ is the heartbeat of our business.

Community is important to us and it is our hope that we can enrich the lives of all our customers and staff. We love getting to know our guests and look forward to any opportunity to give back to this community that has so graciously supported us. The next time you are in a Lone Star, please introduce yourself – it will be our pleasure to meet you.


The Lone Star opened at 26 Manchester Street on September 13, 1988 (see black and white picture above). It was sadly demolished in January 2011, after sustaining irreparable damage from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the early hours of the morning, September 4, 2010. It was rebuilt on the original site and reopened in August 2013.

We are committed to providing heartfelt service and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Whether it’s the friendly greeting as you arrive, the delicious food or the inviting dining surroundings, we want you to enjoy a memorable experience at our Restaurant. At Lone Star, a fun, unpretentious night out is guaranteed.


It was out with the pompous, nouvelle cuisine that was a fad in the 1980s and in with the concept that dining out should be fun and value for money that led to the birth of the Lone Star.

Our original menu was a combination of Kiwi classics, embellished with a few Lone Star originals. Dishes such as the Lassoo of Hog, Dixie Chicken, Johnny Cash Stash and the iconic Redneck Ribs remain on the menu to this day.