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Published: May 23, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Turf Health & Soil Builder 205L | Trade Me Marketplace


Introducing eco-friendly TURF HEALTH (Soil Builder) slow release non-leaching Bacterial Stimulant, meticulously crafted to strengthen micro organisms to produce and release more nutrients for optimum plant growth. Yes, grass horticulture crops and orchards benefit from applications.

Note that Turf Health contains not less than 20 different multi trace chemicals in balance for sustained plant growth.

Sold in convenient 205L drums, our product is designed to promote soil health and maximize yields giving greater returns to you.

This listing cost is for the purchase of one 205L Drum.

Recommended application per Ha is 20L of concentrate in 200L of water minimum, in dryer conditions more.

Turf Health is applied up to four (4) applications per year, ensuring your farm’s soil receives the necessary nourishment for sustainability.

Additionally, our team offers farm soil analysis services to assess and optimize the health of your soil, ensuring it thrives for years to come.

Need multiple drums? Just let us know, and we’ll accommodate your requirements seamlessly through this site.

Discounts on multiple purchases, need flexible payment options? Talk to us about tailored time payment plans to suit your needs. (Conditions apply).

This product is easily applied by your existing spraying contractor or yourself using standard spraying equipment but we also offer application of this product if required in Northland, greater Auckland & Waikato areas – Please refer to our “Services” listing for more info.

Drums are heavy – approximately 250kg each. Delivery can be arranged or collection by your carrier from our depot in Wiri by arrangement.

Analysis: Urea, P, K, B, C6H807, Co, Fe2(So4)3, (CH2CO2H)2, I, MgSo4, Molasses, K2Co4, K2So4, Se, Zn, H2SO4, Retention product and others.

Empty drums with bungs in good conditions are returnable for full credit.

We provide full pasture and turf weed spraying services including waste areas. Yes, we spray on pasture, horticulture crops and in orchards, all of which benefit from applications and bait for Porina & Crickets.

Using our carefully formulated Turf Health NPK plus not less then 20 multi trace elements in a liquid micro-organism soil builder product that is specifically designed to enhances turf health and biodiversity with a built in a slow release factor and non-leaching aspects that efficiently controls soil sustainability on your land in an environmentally conscious manner.

Analysis:  Urea, P, K, B, C6H807, Co, Fe2(So4)3, (CH2CO2H)2, I, MgSo4, Molasses, K2Co4, K2So4, Se, Zn, H2SO4, Retention product and others.


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