To the radio born

She is only 18 and has been a radio host, producer and voice over artist with 88.1 East FM over the last six years.

Shannon Trim is the happiest when she is behind a microphone at a radio studio.

“I have spent my entire teenage life learning the ropes as I started young,” says the vivacious Howick College student who has a passion for public speaking, dramatics and theatre sport.

“At the age of 10, I had a vision board in my bedroom saying I want to be on the radio,” she says.

By the time she was 12 she had managed to realise her dream to host a radio show.

“We would interview our teachers and principal (as a student of Somerville Intermediate) on radio and it was so much fun,” she says.

Shannon has been hosting a radio Howick College show on East FM (formerly known as Howick Village Radio) from 4pm-6pm every Friday for five years. Her easy style of presenting is engaging as she talks about good news Howick College stories and happenings in the community.

Howick College recently presented a special Gold Service Award for her service as a radio host.

Shannon is also the producer of Shelly Park Prime Time at 3.30pm on Fridays.

On volunteering her time at the radio station, she says, “Accepting a salary for what I just love doing would take away the joy from it.”

For pocket money she works as a waitress.

“This is the only time I feel that people are not judging you and you are free to express your opinion. If people don’t like what you are saying, they can change radio stations.”

The studio is her happy place.

“I could be crying one moment and the next I feel so uplifted and in the best mood when I am on radio.”

It may have something do with her genes.

“My great grandfather was an official New Zealand broadcaster and I feel so lucky that I found my calling,” says Shannon.

As we go to press the talented radio host got admission to New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch and can’t wait for school to being in 2018.

East FM is currently looking for young volunteers who could be broadcasters in the making. Those interested can

  • East FM is a community radio station broadcasting on 88.1FM in and around Howick and on 107.1FM in Botany and Flat Bush area


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