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Opinion Jami-Lee Ross

Reality of progress starting to unfold

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• Howick and Botany Times

WATCHING the news out of Greece and Spain, it’s all too easy to think the harshest realities of the global economy are reserved for the other side of the world.

Unfortunately, there are no borders on economic turbulence.

In a volatile global economy, the best way to proceed is with a dedicated and responsible focus on our own economy. However, some would have you believe that we should instead roll the dice and bet on their latest economic follies.

Those same people will support ideas with excruciating costs to taxpayers and rally against the sensible measures which are, in reality, making a positive difference.

When National took office in 2008, unemployment was forecast to reach 10 per cent.

Under John Key’s management that didn’t happen. It currently sits at 6.8 per cent, lower than most developed countries.

There are almost 60,000 more New Zealanders with jobs compared with two years ago and we are committed to seeing that number rise.

Ultimately, the Government’s job is to create a setting where businesses have the confidence to invest in the workforce.

We have already cut company taxes, boosted research and development spending and begun reforms on the Resource Management Act. Next, we will be focussing on six key prerequisites for growth through our comprehensive Business Growth Agenda.

The Government has also announced a “starting out wage”, which will lower the barriers to employment for some of our youngest workers.