Clean eating and supermarket shopping

Who’s been in that situation where you walk into a supermarket to grab a couple of things and the next minute you walk out with a basket full of food that you had no intention of buying?

Try not to go food shopping when you are hungry. Hunger hormones will be stimulated and the brain becomes illogical, telling you that all the lovely bright packaging and manipulative slogans full of sugary instant fixes are exactly what you need.

But we know they’re not! So, if possible try to plan your supermarket ventures.

A great rule when clean eating is to stick to the perimeters of the supermarket; shop on the outskirts of the store where fresh food, bulk items and lean meats are available.

Try not to get sucked into the giant machine that is the food industry. When you’ve been clean eating for a while you will begin to see what supermarkets are all about and sometimes they do not have your best interests and health at heart.

Become comfortable with labels – the supermarket is your territory now. A great general rule in the health industry is that if you cannot pronounce an ingredient it may be best to skip it.

However, there are exceptions.

If you are dining at your local restaurant and you are not sure what an ingredient is but you know its great, clean food, then that’s okay.

When it comes to additives and preservatives listed on a label, sometimes it seems you need a science degree to navigate them. For example, check out a small bottle of
children’s ‘natural’ juice.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic apps you can download to your smart phone. At the store just type in the appropriate numbers and you’ll see a list of all the side effects associated that particular additive. It will blow your mind.

– This article was submitted by the team at Jetts Fitness New Zealand.

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