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Where do flies go in winter?

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• Tamaki and Districts Times

Where do flies go in winter? By: Dawn McMillan. Illustrated by: Ross Kinnaird.

This is for everyone who wonders where those pesky flies go when the weather gets cold.

In rhyming text and delightful pictures we learn the answer. Flies go on holiday.

“It’s sad to think that we despise our summer visit from the flies, such humble creatures with a classy show — a travelling circus all set to go.”

We see flies walking on windows, racing up walls, walking upside down and high diving from jam to butter.

Then we see the flies with sunhats and suitcases. They are off to Club Bebop — for jazz and hip-hop. They also read on the beach — with chocolates and sweets within easy reach. They even have lessons in break dancing — all the better to perform on windowsills. “Like it or not, flies will be with us, it’s part of the plot.”

What else could you expect from the author of 'Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?'

Young children will love this and will soon be chanting the rhymes. And, best of all, there’s enough detail in Ross Kinnaird’s funky illustrations to keep them occupied for hours


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