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News 40 Years 1987

College votes to ban corporal punishment

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October 19, 1987

Edgewater College Board of Governors last week voted to abolish corporal punishment in a surprise move that could shock some parents.

Members voted “about five to one” in favour of abolition with one abstention board chairman, Mr Rob Chamberlin, said on Friday.

“This was the second meeting we had on the issue and we took into account as many comments from parents as we received.”

A questionnaire sent to parents on the corporal punishment issue was only answered by about 25 percent, he said.

“Of those who replied, approximately two to one were in favour of keeping the status quo.

“But the matter was discussed fully and members voted according to their own beliefs.”

It is understood that the decision follows an over-whelming vote by the staff in favour of abolition.

The move has “delighted” Howick College principal Don Ingham.

“We were New Zealand leaders in this field when we did away with corporal punishment over 14 years ago,” he said.

“We prefer to use counselling and a positive rather than a negative approach.”

And St Kentigern College principal Nigel Toy was unperturbed by the Edgewater decision.

“I can’t see what all the fuss is about,” he said.

“This school has not used corporal punishment for over four years.

“We maintain extremely high standards with other kinds of disciplines.”

Macleans College principal Colin Prentice would not discuss his school’s policy.

“I don’t want to get into the corporal punishment issue,” he said.

And on Friday Pakuranga College principal Pamela Stone was unavailable to comment on her school’s attitude.